A snappy new workspace for small, ambitious product teams
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Create great  
Docs meets messaging in a Notion replacement for makers.
Yarn helps your team share context, collaborate on designs,
sketch plans, iterate, and understand the why and what-for.
So you can ship faster and have more fun doing it.
Yarn replaces
Deeply integrated with Slack, Figma, and Linear. Keyboard-first design. Desktop and web.
Product Teams
Made for teamwork.
Talk through plans, tear them apart, iterate, pivot, then rebuild them – together.
Faster and lighter than a wiki. More focused than Slack.
Discuss in context.
Get quick feedback from a teammate on a new proposal.
Or take everyone's input on a big decision.
Share the latest customer learnings.
Or design a new data model, as a team.
However you use Yarn, conversations are always in context, next to an artefact, not lost in a Slack thread.
Talking Points
8 hours ago
Hey guys!
We've got some awesome new features in the pipeline. But I know we've got some bug-fixing/refactoring to do as well.
What are everyone's thoughts on this balance right now?
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8 hours ago
There's some critical refactoring we need to do in the comment-syncing 😅 Maybe we can have an extended design-protoyping phase for a few of those upcoming workflows to buy us some time to fix these!
12 hours ago
The screen-recording feature is going to require us to invest more time in our video infra, which could fix the major issues we're facing with video clips atm. So I would pair those two! 🚀
52 mins ago
People reallllly want some of the upcoming stuff. Maybe we could go back to them to really test this urgency (e.g. pay to priortize)?
2 hours ago
People are using Yarn to run their companies, so it being rock-solid is the number one for me 🤷 So I'd attack the bug list.
just now
The backend performance metrics are looking pretty good right now 👍, and I'm not sure we need to scale up, so on BE I'm ready for new stuff.
Protect the maker schedule
with round-robin threads.
Round-robin threads are paused until everyone's had a chance to respond.
So your team can mute notifications, put on their headphones, and
do their best work – without missing out on the important discussions.
They're great for more independent and more careful feedback.
And with alert snoozing, local-time prompts, and more – Yarn is built for async.
Purpose-built for product teams.
Yarn makes your existing creative and development workflows even more powerful.
Like how you can cross-post comments on mockups back into Figma.
Or mention issues created in Linear to keep the why and what-for close to the execution.
Yarn won't work well for students, for enterprise, or platform, ecom, or data startups.
Sketch, together.
Talk through data flows, user journeys, or market strategy – all in one place.
No more hunting through third-party apps – with native multiplayer whiteboarding, everything's in the doc and indexed for search.
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Sometimes, the right time is right now.
Some interactions are better done real-time. Google Docs meets Slack Huddles.
Turn on audio for a quick call.
When it's helpful to talk things through, simply switch on audio for a few minutes.
Easy and lightweight.
Collaborate nicoleat the cursor level.
Yarn is built on top of operational transform algorithms – think more Google Docs than Notion.
So you can effortlessly work together as a team, without stepping on each other's toes.
Share in under a second with ⌘K
No more scrambling on a call to copy-paste links around, or waiting for access.
No more waiting in general, actually, as everything in Yarn is pretty zippy.